Willy Sanke was the most organized and prolific producer of early aviation photo-postcards in Germany. Located in Berlin, his production began to flourish around 1909-10 and ceased with the end of the First World War in 1918. As Germany entered the First World War the cards began to show aviation from the military perspective.The latest production airplanes and their new features were a highlight of the cards. Captured aircraft of other countries were also shown on the cards. Also, the first successful combat pilots or "aces" were popular cards - especially winners of the Pour Le Merite - Germany's highest award for military service. Max Immelman and Oswald Boelke were the earliest flying recipients of the award and together comprised about 20 of the early cards. As the war progressed the emphasis was increasingly placed on the successful pilots or heroes of the war;

Some cards commemorated the death of the pilot.

 Sanke 606 Jagdstaffel Richthofen show 11 members of Jagdgeschwader 1 (10 from Jasta 11 and 1 from Jasta 6). Left to Right Lt. Siegfried Gussmann, Fwlt. Friedrich Schubert (Jasta 6 ), Lt. Hans-Georg von der Osten, Lt. Werner Steinhäuser, Rittm. Manfred von Ritchthofen, Lt. Karl Esser, Lt. Friedrich-Wilhelm Lübbert, Oblt. Hans-Helmuth von Boddien, Lt. Hans-Karl von Linsingen, Lt. Eberhard Mohnicke and Vzfw. Edgar Scholtz.


  Sanke 363 memorial card issued following Boelcke's 28 October 1916 fall in combat.Unlike all other versions of 363 the airman's printed identity has bee replaced with a handwritten "Boelcke, Hptm". Presumably this was copied from an original document signed by Boelcke.

This is one of the rare sanke cards. Most collectors fail to find this card because they just assume it to be another 363 Boelcke Memorial card and they fail to take a good look at all the 363 card's they come across.