Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive at USHMM

Fokker films: von Richthofen, Goering, WWI flying aces, Fokker 

Albert Ball 1896 - 1917

Albert Ball - British flying Ace of World War 1

Canada Aviation Museum

Dutch Aviation

Fokker Dr I - Liste

A Historical Research Site on the Fokker Dr I Triplane to Identify all 320 Dr. Is of the WW1 German fighter and Manfred von Richthofen also known as the Red Baron. There are photos and data on the Fokker Dr.1, books and artwork along with WW1 aviation links.


Jasta Boelcke

Jasta Boelcke provides historical accurate information about Oswald Boelcke, his squadron as well as other German Aces of WW1.

 Jasta 11

wwi aviation related instruments, clocks, badges, photos, sanke cards, engines (Clerget, daimler diiia, LeRhone, Hispano Suiza)...etc The intention of this webpage is to present my collection of wwi aviation related artefacts and instruments. Pictures will be added at regular intervals. Furthermore a shop has been added through which I will be selling my doubles especially on the Sanke and photo side, so have a look if you want to get your hands on some wwi period originals.

Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Image Archive

WWI Aviation Image Archive - Aeroplanes, Airships, Kite Balloons 1914-191

The Aerodrome - Aces and Aircraft of World War I

Honoring the aces of World War I, the medals and decorations they received and the aircraft they flew.

The Great War Flying Museum  

The Great War Flying Museum is a WWI museum preserving the history of flying aces like the Red Baron (von Richthofen), Rickenbacker, Bishop, Guynemer, Ball, etc., who flew airplanes with names like Spad, Fokker, Albatros, Nieuport, and Sopwith.

The League of WWI Aviation Historians

The Red Fighter PilotAn on-line edition of Captain Manfred von Richthofen's 1917 account of the airwar during World War One. At The War Times Journal.

The WWI Aviation Pictorial History 

 World War I - Trenches on the Web

An History of the Great War of 1914 to 1918 presented in internet format. Contains various articles and features from authors around the world. Please be aware this is a hi-bandwidth site.