NPG Card 6003 showing Windisch and von Cossel. They both received the Prussian Crown Order 4th Class. It was bestowed on them for a special mission they carried out behind Russian lines when Windisch landed von Cossel there who then proceeded to blow up a rail-bridge. Windisch returned the following day to exticate von Cossel.   Both men were personally decorated by the Emperor. (Windisch was the only pilot of the war to receive this decoration). Windisch would go on to fly fighters, get commissioned and be awarded the Pour Le Merite.  Windisch scored 22 victories however on 27th May 1918 he was brought down and assumed captured.
No trace of Windisch was ever found.
 NPG card 6225 showing Oswald Boelcke in the cockpit of an unarmed Fokker D.III.